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Renal Artery Stenosis & Abnormal Endocrine Labs

I’m a 25 year old female and had recent sudden onset of high blood pressure. My average blood pressure reading is 205/150 as indicated by ambulatory blood pressure monitoring over multiple 24 hour periods. I do have renal artery stenosis and an accessory renal artery, no indications of FMD. I do have a complete duplex collecting system as well and had two ureter reimplantation surgeries as an infant to correct acute pylonephritis arising from kidney reflex on the top (level 5) spectrum, the reflux is now below a 1. We did balloon angioplasty which successfully lowered my blood pressure immediately following the procedure and continued for two weeks before raising back up to the 205/150 range and has been there consistently for the last few months. Stenosis shows 90% and 80% narrowing in my accessory and main renal artery in the right side respectively. We recently did a 24 hour urine collection and I had some abnormal endocrine results:

Aldosterone, timed 31.68
Epinephrine 33
Norepinephrine 162
Dopamine 711
Normetanephrine 591
Renin activity plasma 9.432
Aldosterone 40.1
TSH 4.680

My doctor mentioned concern of pheochromocytoma but said that the levels I show are borderline so it’s something he wants to monitor but not retest. He did prescribe spironolactone to add to my other 4 blood pressure medications to try to lower my blood pressure. My heart rate is usually around 100 bpm and my potassium runs consistently low which has required iv replenishment multiple times. My cardiologist wants to do another angioplasty but my concern is that the first one didn’t work and I know it can be risky to do those; I’m also aware that my bp is too high to sustain especially at my age. A stent is not an option because the narrowing is at the meeting of the accessory and main artery and the angle doesn’t permit a stent.

Should I look more into the endocrine lab results or is that level of elevation normal with my other conditions? I’m happy to do research, just hoping for some type of lead. Thank you for your time!
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