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removal of scar tissue from throat - recovery time?

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hi im about to have a small operation on my throat to remove some scar tissue which has built up because it hasd caused me to have a really croaky and rough voice.
I do not even know the name of the operation but i am meant to be having it in 7 days.
The problem i have is that i am a primary school teacher and i do not know the recovery for this type of operation. I need to know how long it would be untill i am speaking properly and how long untill i can raise my voice without causing anymore damage?
can anyone help?
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replied September 3rd, 2013
I've had three throat surgeries, two for removal of scar tissue. Recovery for each surgery was about 5 weeks due to pain. The scar tissue is back and really bothers me when I have a sore throat. Hope you fare better. God Bless!
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