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Removal of a stomach tumor, what's the procedure?

My question is I'm looking to hear from someone who has undergone a operation to
remove a stomach tumor. The exact term on the report is: 4cm intra-abdominal mass ,
possible gist vs leiomyoma. The diagnosis after the endoscopic ultrasound needle
aspiration is a lot of medical jargon but my guess is this won't be an easy operation.

I was seeking information on what the procedure would be from the time one is admitted to the discharge time. What's done before the operation ( prep) what will happen in the OR and what the hospital recovery would be like. And how long I could expect to stay in the hospital for.

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replied May 23rd, 2015
There are different types of surgery that can be done to remove stomach cancer; those are endoscopic resection, subtotal gastrectomy, and total gastrectomy. Any surgery for stomach cancer is a major operation and it will take some time to recover. The operation you have to remove your stomach cancer will depend on which part of the stomach the cancer is in. The time it takes to heal after surgery is different for each person, and you may be in the hospital for a week or longer.
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