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Remicade side effects....drug induced lupus?

I woke up 2 months ago in severe pain after being on Remicade for 10 months.My finger tips and hands blister.I was a mechanic for 10 years and never had any problems like that before.I couldn't lift my arms above my head.My wrists hurt so bad I couldn't hold a cup.My elbows,hands ,fingers,hips ,knees,and feet are killing me.Doctor seems to be stone walling me.He was supposed to send paper work to the insurance company 45 days ago to get a promethius test approved...but it never went out.I am a 45 yr old man that never had any sickness except for crohns. I was as strong as they come.Now my wrists, hands and feet are constantly killing me.I am having a very hard time at work.I could use some direction...I am now waiting 30 days to be approved for the promethius test by the insurance company.That will be a total of 75 days with no help or medical assistance.I hope it goes out this time.I will call Tuesday 6/18 to be sure it went out.
My doctor never even offered the promethius test till I brought it up,he actually tried to tell me it was crohns related arthritis I was experiencing.I had to laugh him off and explain again that this all hit me over nite.Then his physicians assistant acted like I was a drug addict when I asked for pain medication.He said do you mean like a narcotic ,I leaned over and said, I mean anything that will take my pain away!.I am a big heavily tattooed biker....not a drug addict.From everything I have read I am suffering from drug induced lupus....HELP
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replied June 26th, 2013
Hi jokerhd13,
That’s so weird that your pain was induced overnight! I’ve honestly never heard of that happening, but hey, I’m also no doctor. It’s so annoying when doctors judge you for weird things, though, so I would be mad if I was you! Props for staying composed (from what it seems). I’m not really sure how to help you, but are you looking for a new doctor, then? Or some advice? Either way, I feel like this website would be pretty useful to [image removed]/aohS8N. You can ask doctors questions for free and they respond pretty quickly. My father-in-law found his doctor through it too, so I really hope it helps you!!! Good luck!
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