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Remembering first pregnancy at 14

New member, posted a few times already and found it great for free medical advice and sometimes just to vent about present life and past. Decided to share past about the first abortion at age 14. It was a warm fall day in Colombia in 1976, was walking with friends to store to shop (ok, it was really the five finger discount—but that was the least crime being committed in Gaitan family let alone in Colombia, but anyway), while walking a brand new 1976 white Lincoln town car pulled up and asked to drive to location, obviously said yes because he had an expensive car. After getting in the car, he started making compliments—the first time ever experienced that, the compliments turned to dirty talk back and forth, he drove back to his huge farm/estate (he was loaded). After sex, he gave three hundred dollars and drove back to family house..

Didn’t hear anything from him, so a few weeks later, missed period, started feeling nauseous and had aches, after going to community hospital—was told was pregnant. Finally tracked him down (while he was trying to pick up another girl—a friend), told him about pregnancy, he gave another three hundred dollars and said “get rid of it”. At first wasn’t sure what to do but realized didn’t want to be like mother pregnant at 12 by much older father, so decided to have an abortion.

The abortion doctors in Colombia wanted a lot of money, one of the abortion doctors’ female receptionist—she answered the phones said that she could do it for less than half of the money. Had to pay her some of the money upfront and meet her at a market with fruit in the front and a small dark dingy room in back. The room had a cold wet table, a low wattage light bulb dangling from the fixture and the abortion tools (that was just cleaned that day on an another table). That abortion was the most excruciating pain ever felt—thought was going to die, after she finished, tried to walk to family house but it was too painful, took a cab. The next few weeks was hell, bleeding everywhere, horrible pain, lightheaded, and no energy, but while hearing parents arguing while recuperating, realized it was the right choice at the time.

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