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Released from the prison of depression

I am a new member to ehealth and am browsing the site to see other members' experiences of depression and how they have found their treatment and support.

I myself recently emerged three weeks ago from a period of depression that started with low mood and insomnia in December last year (2009) and which deteriorated to a serious condition around Eastertime - made worse by pneumonia and weight loss. By April and May, I hardly slept at all - day or night - and had suicidal thoughts daily.

I am and have been hugely fortunate to have a strong network of friends and family, as well as an immensely supporting doctor who sat and listened to me during our appointments. I was provided with psychiatric and counselling support, and although it took a while to find the right anti-depressant that wouldn't conflict with my other treatment (I am hiv positive), the right medication was found; and after six difficult weeks while I dealt with the additional side effects, I emerged and am now feeling better than I have for a long, long time.

So, my message to others is to be kind to yourselves during what is a terrible illness. Surround yourself with people who will look after and support you during this time. Keep reasonably active without being over harsh on yourself or others (not an easy thing to do when your self esteem is low) - have faith in finding the right treatment and the will to stick with it. And believe that the depression will pass - as it surely will.

Good luck to all.
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replied September 12th, 2011
Extended Anxiety or Depression Disorder Experienced
Released from the Prison of Depression
I can fully relate to this experience. It is one of the most difficult diseases for people to deal with because it is the battle going on in the mind. The only people that have the understanding of the encouragement needed by such a person are those who have experienced it themselves. In an extended period of depression a person searches their whole soul for answers and finds their true purpose for living. An area of our existence that grows and improves from the suffering experienced during a depression is the ability to relate to others and understand what they really need. People really are hurting and have a need to understand the characteristic of God to sympathize with us and know and feel our every heartache. When we understand Him to be our friend we can ask Him to help us and He Will!
One going through a deep depression must take baby steps and only live one moment at a time. Be easy on yourself and reward yourself for any achievements. In time you will pull through. Finding the right depression medicine will also help you shorten the time to recovery. With Love & Sympathy
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