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Relationship Problems Through ED

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ok guys posted on 12 sept 2011 and said id been diagnosed with ED and sex was off the cards. Well i've been feeling more confident and me and my girlfriend decided to try and have sex now this was an epic fail on my behalf and now she is frustrated and embaressed to be near me or get close to me through fear of frustration.
I love her very dearly and want to win her back on .....

Anybody Advice or tips on this please

Age - 31
Diagnosed - TYPE 2 Diabetes

Drugs - Metformin
- Tadalafil 10mg


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replied October 24th, 2011
Non-penetrative sex
Learn some Tantra together - it makes loving more intimate and less penetration-focussed. and good luck - you sound very caring and that is a wonderful base to build on.
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