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Relationship blues

I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for almost 5 years.Initially it was healthy in all aspects.We were very intimately connected and freely expressive of our feelings towards each other.A year into it we had our beautiful daughter.In the last year and half we've grown apart physically, emotionally,intimately...etc.Ever since she started working from another town and became too religious it seems we dont see eye to eye.She's called me all sorts fo names and literally made it look like i'm the reason she sins.Our sex life was very health but now i'm not even sexually attracted to her any more.Even if she wanted to have sex with me i dont think i'd receive it with the excitement i used to have before.I have stood by her all this while.I did not see the need to cheat on her with another girl but now that seems so possible that idont think i would even feel guilty about, like i would have felt before.My girlfriend has on 3 occassions suggested that we break up but she always want to pretend like things are ok between us in front of other people.I dont understand her anymore. We're back together again.However, i feel something is missing ....the connecting factor!Sometimes i'm much happier when im hanging out with other girl friends of mine even though i feel that i love her.Nowadays she wants me to take her out, bye her flowers and other romantic things.I just wonder if she is deserving of all the things she wants from me.We dont kiss,cuddle/fond with each other anymore.It seems there is too much we hold back from each other.I would like to freely express my love for her but her so-called 'change of life-style' seems to limit me.At some point she spent more time with her church mates than with me.I told her to make up her mind or i was leaving cause there was nothing to hold on for.
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