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Reflux, chills, shaking, vomiting, and heart pain after eating.

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For as long as I can remember I have had at least some level of difficulty with frequent nausea… to the point that in early 2005 my mother had me get a prescription called Promethazine, which, from what I hear from my friends is very unusual to be prescribed for nausea but that is indeed what is printed on the bottle.

This medicine was lost during moving and only found recently… meds are still apparently good, too, because they have become my very lifeline.

So here’s the story.

As previously mentioned, I have had some amount of stomach issues for many years but never to this degree. In February I took a trip to Oregon and it was rather stressful, many things went wrong, and when I finally arrived we went out to dinner and it made me horribly sick. I thought perhaps I was food poisoned because at that time it was an isolated incident.

The first thing that I notice is that my heart starts to beat quite rapidly and very, very hard—to the point that I do not have to touch my chest to feel it pounding in there. Then I start to tremble, and that evolves into sudden sharp jerks and violent shaking, accompanied by chills regardless of how warm the room is or how clothed I am. Then I start getting sharp pains in my chest and the need to burp quite often… and then finally, the nausea and acid reflux hits, and sometimes—though not always, it is accompanied by a sharp burning pain in my stomach.
This all carries on indefinitely.

In Oregon, some pepto pills did the trick but that was the ONLY time that worked.
The next bout was in May/June when a friend {now former-friend} pulled a rather disrespectful stunt that sent me into a mad panic and emotional breakdown. This one went on for well over 24 hours and it was one of the most utterly miserable moments of my life, in which I only found relief after I begged my father to take me to the ER and I honestly do not remember what they did to me there as I was extremely out of my mind with misery and exhaustion.

But I know I woke up in my bed the next day and it took me over a week to be able to eat right again…

Aforementioned former friend continued to cause drama in my life well into August when my girlfriend arrived, and, on the evening of her first night here it hit again and 10xs worse than it ever had before. THAT being the most miserable moment of my life, by far.

I was convulsing, crying, stomach felt like I had eaten a bushel of knives, I was literally begging my mother to help me. I didn’t know what she could do but I was that far-gone in pain. She brought me some pepto pills and they did nothing, they {mother and girlfriend} tried feeding me soup and bread, and that just made it worse. Then, finally, my mother—bless her brilliant memory—brought forth the missing prescription of Promethazine!

Eager for any relief, I took one, and within an hour I was out like a light.
When I ate again the next day, it was the same routine…

As well as the day after that, and the day after that…

And the week after that…

It became recurring though relatively spaced out… That was, until, the month of October…. Now it has become a daily to once-every-three-days event, and I am running out of Promethazine.

I am 21 years old, 4’9’’, and have gone from 108lbs to 85 {or less}, and incase you’re not quite weight-to-height savvy, that’s quite underweight, and it shows.
I am utterly miserable, and, there is no way I can refill this script because I have no health insurance. I am disabled and do not get any disability or ss check or whatever it is I am apparently entitled to. I can not work. I have no driver’s license, there is no public transport where I live, my parents can not afford to take me to a doctor.

So what do I do? I looked up a list of apparent ‘stomach ulcer safe foods’, under the assumption that I have a stomach ulcer at all. I have no diagnosis, and I can not get an official one. Everything on the safe food lists are things that have indeed made me sick. Soup, crackers, fish, vegetables, milk {think I’m lactose intolerant at this point}, tea, red meats, you name it—it makes me sick.

I have had this ‘stomach attack’ as I have come to call it nearly every day for the past 3 weeks of my life and I have never been so utterly miserable in my life, and I haven’t exactly had a bright shining rainbow-filled childhood either, lol. I have noticed it is much more likely to start if I am stressed out, having anxiety, anything like that. It feels like I am dying, and that’s probably because technically I am, as I find it very difficult to eat anything at all! I’ve taken to going hungry as it’s a lot more bearable than the alternative…

I can’t keep going on like this so if someone—anyone—has any suggestions be it dietary or over-the-counter medicines, PLEASE, please, PLEASE help me. I am BEGGING you with all of my rapidly beating, aching heart!

Not sure if this matters but just incase it does:
Other conditions I have that I was diagnosed with before my health insurance was terminated due to aging;

Bipolar Disorder
General Anxiety Disorder
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Angina Pectoris
Feel like I'm missing something...oh well.

Thank you for reading all of this, I know it was long!
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