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referring me to hospital for x-rays.

Hi everyone,

Four days ago I started getting what I thought was toothache on my lower right jaw. I have 2 teeth there - one is a wisdom tooth, the other is a normal tooth which i had filled many years ago. I made an emergency appointment with a dentist 2 days later. The dentist I seen wasnt my regular dentist. Anyway, he examined me and is now referring me to hospital for x-rays. He said that the pain may be due to the fact that I can not put my front teeth together. I have never been able to do that anyway, and it has never caused me any problems in the past.

A year ago, I had a single front top denture fitted, and since then I have came to realise that I hold my jaw 'funny' in a subconcious attempt to actually hold my denture in- even though its not falling out! I told the dentist this, and he said that the fact I am in pain is not due to that.

I also suffer with health anxiety, and I am currently having cognitive behavioural therapy for this. The dentist then told me that the pain may be due to stress.
When I looked at my referral forms for the hospital, he has wrote 'TMJ' on it.
He told me that I may need a splint because I may be grinding my teeth in my sleep, but then he went on to tell me that I might even need surgery, where I would have my jaw broke and reset. I am absolutley devastated.

When I got home from the dentist, I became hysterical crying, and immediately started looking on the internet. As always, I kept coming across worst case scenarios! This has not helped.
I wouldnt say my pain was severe, but it isnt exactly mild either. I really dont know what to do. I am so scared. My jaw starts to ache from about 9pm, and then when I wake up it aches for about half an hour. This has only started in the past 5 days. I keep messing with my jaw though, and pressing the right hand side where it 'aches', which is making it feel more sore.
However, the pain that originally made me goto the dentist is not now as bad. I'm so confused and scared. I am absolutley dreading going for the x-rays because I dont want them to say that I have to have surgery.

I have came here to see if anyone else started off like me, or even if anybody else thinks this is the start of TMJ.

Thanks everyone Smile
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