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reducing weight and healthy advice for low-sodium

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I am trying to lose weight and maintain an active lifestyle which I'm doing for the most part. The dietary restrictions I have are really just trying to keep carbohydrates somewhat lessened but obviously not zero. I want to keep a high protein and moderate fat diet to high fat diet depending on what I'm training on. I don't know how to cook really but I am also extremely busy lately so I don't know how to go about much except trying to find my own easy/faster variations of making food that will give me at least "somewhat" healthy options. My diet isn't awful, but the soda and microwavable food have a lot of sodium. I have recently switched to more plant -based nuts and seeds, but the excessive fiber isn't working so well for my bowel movements. I drink a lot of water, but usually the water has sodium and other B vitamins. I just want to find a way I can learn more about how to cut some of the excessive carbs/sugars/and maybe lessen the sodium load a little bit. I have lost 25 pounds so far, but I'm still overweight by about 30 pounds and need to keep going. My blood pressure has been pretty high lately, so hypertension is almost as bad of an issue as the constipation and dietary things that need fixing. What other options for low-sodium are there besides plant food and seafood to get Omega 3's? I am not a huge fruit eater, but I've thought maybe adding some is good. I really like grapes, and occasionally pineapple but not much else except rarely some apples or bananas. I am doing good with my goal of losing weight (I have no specific goal), but I just want to continue making progress and I'm sort of going the "other way" now as I gained 6 pounds back from the 25 I lost.

I have been lifting weights a lot, but I'm also eating quite a bit right now. I talked to my doctor and he cut back my Celexa SSRI dose from 20 to 10, but I don't know how effective that has been for weight alone. I tried some dietary stimulant medicine that was called Phentermine up to 37.5 mg I think it says. It worked for a few weeks or so, but then I found it kind of quit working so my doctor wouldn't prescribe it anymore. I am currently 185 pounds, but was up to almost 210. It was not so much the weight my doctor is concerned about, but my level of body fat and BMI is pretty high as it was in the overweight category.
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