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HI all,

Please help me,I am very addicted to codeine, here in India we get a cough SYRUP
called "Mits Linctus Codeine".

The effects of Codeine are very bad-lost appetite, severe constipation, shivering and DROWISINESS.

So, tried to leave this addiction 3 times-but failed miserably because in every attempt-body ache, head feels reeling, cant seat at work...severe urge for sleep
But because of body Ache, no sleep.

Next,I instantly have severe cough with high fever.

so,can you all please i request you all to let me know of any medicines/medications that would NULLIFY or lessen the URGE FOR CODEINE in my BODY?
Please help me... Any medicines to counter-act codeine's urge is enough.

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