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Red spots with scab on thighs

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I woke up one day with red spots on my thighs. I thought that I got bitten by bed bugs and didn't really pay attention to them after changing my bed sheets. However, the spots started having scabs on them and I'm suspecting they might be fungal or something worse. I had this scab (brown) like spot on my chest for many weeks now and I'm worried that all these spots might turn into the one near my best. Now I have put on Mycoban anti-fungal cream on them. I have also uploaded pictures, any help is welcome, thank you very much.

by the way the spots have also spread to other parts of my body and i'm getting very worried.

http://i51.[image removed]/2hwzps3.jpg (thigh)
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replied May 31st, 2013
You should really see a doctor, it could definitely be skin cancer and the longer you wait, the more it progresses! Hope you get relief soon!
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