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Red spots on penis - STD ?

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I am 24 years guy.i have sex Homo & Hetro sex.i am suffering so std since 3 day in 2006 i have sex with gay.after three i notice red spots on penis.
after three months i had fever & after three months i have pain in lower abdomen.when that time i have sex with my anty 29 years old.i have high fever after six months. i went to doctor but urine infection.and gave some medicine.after that i have symptoms continue upto now.the red spot always appear with onion smell pus like fluid filled.what to do. i used so many medicines for 2006 - 2008 and finally tested for total std tests in 2008.
i have screened for
and more
but all are negative

I have red spots on my penis all time growing & decresing in count.
i want to know what r there

My test results in October 2008

HIV 1& HIV 2 antibodies non-reactive

hepatitis b surface antigen negative

V.D.R.L test non reactive

HSV 1&2 IgG 0.29 s/Co 1.2 positive

HSV 1&2 IgM 0.16 s/Co 1.2 positive
patnology test

physical examination
color pale yellow
apearence clear
reaction acidic
specfic gravity 1.030
sediment absent
chemical examination
albumin trace
glucose nil
bile salts negative
bile pigment negative
microscopic examination
epithelial cells 2-4/HPF
pus cells nil
RBCs nil
casts nil
crystals nil
others nil

bio chemistry test report

random blood glucose 105 80-180 mg/dl
corr.urine glucose nil

haemolobin 14.8 14-18 gms%
haemotocrit 44 45-55 vol%
total rbc count 5.1 4.5-6mill/cumm
total wbc count 5,800 4500-10500cells/cumm
neutrophils 44 45-75%
lymphocytes 48 20-40%
eosinophils 05 2-6%
monocytes 03 1-5%
basophils 00 0-1%

peripheral smear RBC:Normocytic/Normochromic
WBC:Lympocytosis +
Platelets: Adequate
E.S.R 05 0-10mm/hr

upper GI Endoscopy reports

Oesophagus :normal
Stomach :Multiple erosions in the antrum
Duodenum :normal
2nd part :normal

Ultrasound reports
Conclusion :
Mild fatty Infiltration of liver ,no focal lesion
now i an using some tablets since doctor told nothing related to any infection stop drinking alchocal.

My test 2009 JUNE

Test name method value units

herpes simplex virus(HSV)-IgG E.L.I.S.A 0.5 OD RATIO

herpes simplex virus(HSV)-IgM E.L.I.S.A 0.30 OD RATIO


NEGATIVE : <= 0.90
EQUIVOCAL 0.91 - 1.10
POSITIVE >= 1.11

haemolobin 13.7 14-18 gms%
total wbc count 9,200 4000-11000cells/cumm
lymphocytes 28 20-45%
eosinophils 04 1-6%
monocytes 01 02-10%
basophils 00 00 - 0.1%
polymorphs 67 40 - 70 %

physical examination
color pale yellow
apearence clear
reaction acidic(6.0)
specfic gravity 1.015
chemical examination
albumin nil
sugar nil
microscopic examination
epithelial cells occasional
pus cells 2-3 /HPF
RBCs occasional
casts nil
crystals nil
other nil
crystals nil
others nil

bio chemistry test report

random blood glucose 85 70 - 150 mg/dl
corr.urine glucose nil

I still have red spots on penis.when i drink alcohol i have pain in liver and spleen region.what to do.i recently try sex with a virgin girl.i does not happened.but unexpectedly my condom slips and my penis get direct contact with her there is any chance she may get this infection and some sperm also fell on her virgina.what to do tell me.

what do i have
if i have it how can I help her preventing infection( 15 days before i had sex with her.she is 19 years old)
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replied August 23rd, 2009
Especially eHealthy
I do not think you are pregnant. When was your last period?
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