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red spots on penis It comes and goes

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Hi... I'm not sure what is wrong, but I have a redness( almost like small patchs of red) on the cusp of my penis, no bumps or anything, It comes and goes, It never irratates or bothers me either ex: after sex it will be more visible, but if im not sexually active for a couple of days it seems to not disapear, but become less red... Its been here for a while now, i saw a doctor about 6 months ago and she just said it may be a rash, but if its lasting this long, what can it be?... Also my testicles sometimes become very loose for a whole day sometimes im not sure if its normal or not. I just need some clarification pleaseee.

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replied July 24th, 2011
also I never have Burning while I unrinate or itching there either
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