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red spots on my foreskin and around the edges?

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Hi, I am very nervous, I had unprotected sex in December and again in January with a different partner, about 3 weeks ago, maybe 4 weeks ago, my penis head, I uses more precisely the foreskin became incredibly itchy.

It didn't go away so I did some research and concluded that I had a yeast infection so I got some thrush cream and used it for a week and the itch stopped.

However just now I was going to the toilet and I noticed red spots on my foreskin and around the edges of my penis head.

I am really worried now and even more so because I'm travelling, I'm not in my home country, I don't want to overreact, i didn't notice anything before.

Can anyone suggest any advice as to what it might be ? Could this still match a yeast infection?
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