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Red spots on chest

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About a month ago I slept with a girl in SE Asia, she was not a prostitute and appeared to be very clean and healthy, she said she always used a condom when sleeping with people. I had sex with her about 5 times and every time I used a condom and checked it afterward. However one time after sex I went to the bathroom to wash my hands but briefly touched the tip of my penis first (nowhere near the pee hole), after realising I had done this I washed my penis quickly in water. I have no cuts anywhere that I am aware of.

Is it possible for HIV to be contracted touching this area? I have been feeling in good health however over the last week I had a red dotted flat spots on my chest area which has caused me to become very alarmed. This has disappeared today about 8 days after it appeared.
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replied May 30th, 2009
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no risk
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