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Red skin and bumps between eyebrows

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for the past, year or so, the skin in between my eyebrows has almost always been red, with litte red bumps.. a bit smaller than pimples.. i also get bigger pimples on and off in the same area, but i don't think they are always in the same place.
i have realized that even when pimples aren't there, it is almost always red, and like i said, there are little, pimples, or bumps.
i am a teenager, so this might be completely normal, but i thought i'd double check.
and if it is or isn't cancer, how can i get rid of it?
i have farely good skin otherwise.. a few pimple here and there on my face.. lots on my back and a few on my chhest...
what should i do?

thanks for your advice.
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