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red mark on nose

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Hi, i had a spot around a month ago on my nose, it went with time but seems to of left a deep red mark that just won't go away.
Any ideas as to what this could be or how to remove it.
It doesn't hurt, not raised, bit shiny but so is all my whole nose.

Any help be much appreciated, thanks in advance.
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replied April 9th, 2009
Hi there, I think I have the exact same problem. I had a spot develop near the end of my nose about a month ago, and stupidly messed about trying to get rid of it (squeezing, trying to conceal it etc..) bad idea - it made it look worse and most likely prolonged the healing process. after about 10 days it had begun to subside, and went through a cycle of scabbing over(?) and skin pealing away. I assumed this drama was nearly over, but about 3 weeks later, I still have a red mark - like you describe Sad
Some similar topics on the web suggest it can stay for month(s) but will go away by itself. However, its still both annoying and depressing as, being on the nose, its rather noticeable Sad
Would like to know if anyone else has any ideas on how to prevent this/get rid of it.
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