i have a red lump on my leg not too big but noticeable with a red circle rash around it i dont think i have been biten or at least i havent felt anything can get a bit sore but is not itchy can anyone help me find out what it is and if i should be worried thanks x
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replied July 20th, 2011
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Most of the time, you're not going to feel a bug bite. If you did, you would kill the bug, which wouldn't be very good for the bug. So they're more covert about it.

Look up "bullsye rash lyme disease" online and compare your rash to that. Is it anything like that? If it is, you need treatment ASAP. You may not have any symptoms now, which is good, but you could become very sick. Luckily, treated early with antibiotics, you'll be fine.

If it's not like the bullseye rash and you haven't been in any area where you've come into contact with tics, then you probably should still take a picture of the rash, and keep an eye on it and watch for any other symptoms. If it goes away, then you're probably fine. If it doesn't look like the bullsye rash, but you have been in an area that has tics, you might want to get yourself checked anyway, to be on the safe side. The rash isn't always consistent with everyone.
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