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red itchy dry foreskin

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Hi, i am 17 years old and have been having sex with my partner for about 2 months, frequently. I haven never come across the problem until about a week ago, my foreskin became itchy and sometimes stung a little, after a few days the top of the foreskin became very dry and now red, the inside is not as bad but still a little red. Underneath the head of my penis is covered with smegma and dried white skin, it is also quite red.
I tried having sex but there was a burning sensation when i was inside my partner, she has no problems but has recently began the pill about 4 weeks ago. Oral and foreplay is normally okay, but the sex is unbearable. Using a condom reduced the pain significantly but still hurt quite a bit.
Do you think there is something wrong with us both? if so, any ideas?
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replied November 26th, 2009
I got the same thing I was with my g/f for 4 months had unprotected sex from the beginning both of us have been tested nothing has come up so far.. I have heard of things called balantis will post again after seeing the doctor again
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