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red itchy bumps everywhere

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i noticed about 3 months ago (middle of october) i got a itchy spot on the back of my leg, its started to spread after a couiple weeks to a moneth, but util than there was no bumps jsut itch, than bumps started to appear, now they are everywhere but on my face palms of my hand and bottom of my feet. some are just red spots that really itch, and others look like small pimples and when popped white puss comes out, i have used benydril and antihistimes but niether had much of an affect, and as well with hydrochortisone helps a bit, it also seems like hot showers or when i get really warm and sweaty it really promotes the itch, any help is greatly appreciated
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replied August 11th, 2012
did you ever get a answer to this? I am suffering the identical condition.
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