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Red, bumpy, bald spot on scalp since childhood

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I've had this red bumpy bald spot for as long as I can remember. My parents said it was a birthmark, but looking at baby pics, I don't notice them. Could be because it was probably smaller back then.

I noticed recently that it's spreading. If you look at the picture, the darker less bumpy part has been there since I was a child...granted it did not look that way (it looked like the red bumps around it now)....but after many years of having this I guess that what it eventaully looks like. It feels pretty hard and not as soft so I know it can't be I read that's not long term.

Red, bumpy, bald spot on scalp.
Can anyone tell what it is. ANything helps.

http://i45.[image removed]/w6zgg3.jpg
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replied August 15th, 2012
Hi. My 7 year old was born with a rectangular, hairless spot on her scalp. It is pinkish, and bumpy, but flat. I forget the medical term for it- but her doctor said that after puberty, it is likely to grow, and develop larger lumps, and will continue to grow, and may need to be surgically removed. I remember him saying they are usually rectangular, or triangular. I would suggest you see a dermatologist, as if this is what my daughter has, it may keep growing.
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