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Red bumps on penis

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i have a cluster of about 4 red bumps on my penis. the bumps are barley raised off the skin. i have never had sex before is there a chance this is herpes/genetal warts. if it isnt those stds, what could it be?
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replied April 18th, 2008
Genital herpes only starts with red bumps but then changes in to blister, erosion an d finally a crust.
Genital warts are not red. They have color similar to the normal skin and rough surface unlike the normal skin.
You can consult your GP about this and some dermatologist if necessary.
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replied January 22nd, 2009
Bump on penis
I am 17 and sexually inactive but I noticed a relatively large bump near the base of my penis a few weeks ago. It is hard but causes no pain or itch at all. Just today I notcied a layer of crust on top of it. For a long time now I have had many tiny bumps around this area on the bottom of my penis which I always assumed to be hair follicle related; they never bothered me except for in appearence. As I said I have never had any form of intercourse, but I am very nervous. Any advice would be great.
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