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Red bumps on left arm - scab, scar tissue, pics included

About 3 months ago I noticed a small bump close to the inner crease of my left elbow. It’s not right in the crease, but more towards the outer, upper portion of my arm. It started as what seemed like the beginning of a small wart I could scratch the surface of it and my fingernail would catch and pull the top layer of skin off revealing a pinkish soft part of skin underneath it. It would cover itself again in 2 days or so, and I would repeat the process, pealing the top piece of skin off. It would grow each time this happened. Now, it about the size of a pencil eraser. The spot is harder skin, has a slightly tougher texture than normal surrounding skin. It will scab over if I scratch hard enough. It has bled a few times, but only a drop. I have pictures available, and will attach.

During this time period, I noticed a similar spot lower on my arm about six inches up from my wrist. I’ve left it alone for the past three months, except for last week, I inadvertently scratched it on something. It reminds me of how the bump by my elbow started. Started out small, but once I scratched it, it got bigger. It is now a larger red bump on my arm, as pictured with a slight flat scab across the top. When I run my finger over it, it is tough and obviously raised off my skin. There appears to be a small scab next to the bigger one that is the same kind of bump. I’ve left this alone for the last few days.

Any idea what this could be? How to get rid of it? It was fun to pick at it at first, but now it’s becoming obvious to the people around me that something weird is going on.

I’m 6'5", 190lbs- 26 years old. Eat healthy, clean foods. Mostly fish, chicken, and beef. Lots of vegetables and fruits. I work out with weights and cardio 4-5 times a week. I shower every day and use mild high quality soaps (dove, and Old Spice body wash.) I do consume moderate to heavy amounts of alcohol once or twice a week. I’ve had the same cleanliness and soap products for 5 years, and the same eating and physical habits for over a year. I’m not allergic to anything that I know of. Nothing significant has changed in my life other than moving from WA to Southern CA in November.
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replied March 27th, 2014 photo gallery of imgur is safe website to upload images for free. there are 5 images showing the bumps. let me know if you need more specific angles
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