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Red bump between eyebrows

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I recently got red bumps between my eyebrown its very itchy and quite iretating. They are medium sized and I was wondering if I could do anything to get rid of them.
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replied October 18th, 2009
i had this same problem, i went to the doctors, he told me to do the following. You need to put anything cold on the area, like frozen peas for example, and you need to repeat this process for about an hour. Once complete, you need to buy some baby oil and apply to the area, do this for about a week. Then you need to go for a 10minute runs for about a week. I did this around my local area. This helps the skin recover, through light exercise. You must do this for 10mins every day if you dont, your body will know you have cheated and make the rash worse. Then you need to sit by a desk top fan for round about 20mins a day. Do this process for three weeks and you will fight the rash!, i am now rash free, and just laugh at others with the problem. Thankyou and good night.

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