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Red/Brown spots near retina, what are they? what to do..

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Hi ive had these spots near the retina of my eye for a year or so now..
currently the one doctor i went to says they are sun-spots or something.. but i dont like them at all
is there any way to remove them with medication or eye drops ?
it just looks like i have bloodshot eyes all the time.. and i get comments about them like "whats that in your eye?"

i attached a few photos i took of the spots on both the right and left eye

link here :

any help would be appreciated.
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replied August 8th, 2012
The spots that you are describing are not in your retina, they are located on the conjunctiva/sclera (white part of your eye) adjacent to your cornea. They are called Pinguecula. They are little nodular elevations typically caused by sun damage. They can grow and extend into the cornea, a phenomenon called a Tyregium. They can be surgecially/laser removed depending on size. Seek the consult of an oculoplastic eye surgeon for this. Hope you found this helpful.
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