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Red and irritated skin above lips

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Honestly I don't know whats going on and I'm getting sick of it. The skin above my lips is always red and irritated, i've put vaseline, aquaphor, regular chapstick on it. Everything seems to help for alittle bit, but after a few days the same redness and irritation comes back. It's like red raw skin at the top of my lips, I dont know what to do, i've been to my regular doctor twice and nothing has worked. I want to go to dermatologist but what could they do? and I need a reference to go to mine, how would i approach my doctor. Also i have braces, and wear elastics for my mouth if that has to do with anything
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replied May 8th, 2010
Seriously I am so sick of this rash or whatever above my upper lip!I have very similar symptoms to the last post, It is red, irritated and a little darker than the rest of my skin. It doesnt itch and isnt raised or bumpy. the closest thing i can describe it to is rugburn above the mouth, it is making a part of my lip defintion go away! somebody please help!
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