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Recurring stabbing head pains, lasts days, meds ineffective

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I am a 31-year old woman in good health. Since I was 27, I've been experiencing sharp, stabbing pains in my head. Here are the symptoms:
- These pains last anywhere from 1-5 days
- They occur anywhere from my upper shoulders to the crown of my head
- They are always in the same area for the duration of the headache (though the next time I have this kind of headache, the location is different).
- The location is so specific that my skin is sensitive to the touch where I'm experiencing the headache.
- In between the stabbing pains, I feel no discomfort.

The pain varies from minor to so intense I may stumble if standing upright, and each "stab" occurs on its own or in a cluster of up to 3, lasting only an instant or up to two seconds. The clusters reoccur with varying regularity, sometimes every few seconds to longer stretches between.

I've kept a headache journal for several months, and could detect no discernible pattern - other than occasionally they are tied to times when I've got a sore throat. They seem to go in patches where I won't get one for several months, to a "bad patch" where I get them every couple of weeks.

I have been to two doctors and a neurologist. All suggested it was some variation on a migraine - specifically, an icepick headache. However, I feel that whatever I'm experiencing is different than an icepick headache in two ways:
1. The duration of the headache - nothing I've read suggests the headache would last for up to 5 days.
2. Meds are ineffective - I've been prescribed Indocin and Imitrex, neither of which affected the pain in any way.

What other possibilities should I be exploring? Could it be a nerve problem?
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