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Recurring possible pimples in different areas

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Recently i have been having recurring what i think are pimples or in grown hairs popping up in all sorts of weird places on my body. I have now had one on my back, one on my side and 2 on the top of my vagina where i shave. Now the 2 there i assume they were ingrown hairs, they have been very sore and when i had gotten them i picked at them (which i know i shouldnt have done) and i have gotten quite a lot of pus out from underneath it which reminded me of a clogged pore like i would have on my face. The same thing happened to the one on my back and the one on my side but i'm not sure why it would be an ingrown hair in those areas because i don't shave there or anything like that. I'm just wondering if this is something i should be concerned about? or should go to the doctors about or if it is just a weird coincidence that it keeps occuring. Any reply on this would be extremely helpful.

Thank you for your time.
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