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Recurring outer ear infection

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i have had outer ear infections at least once over the two months for the past 2 years. i noticed over the last five years my ears have discharged a clear fluid that crusts the outer part of my ear canal then the ear infections started. i think it's because of my use of q-tips but when i recently got over my last ear infection, noticed around the same time i got this "sore" in the inner wall of my nostril. it's red and looks like a bump. if i press on it it flattens out then reappears. it looks raw and feels like a canker sore. i was wondering what that could be and does it have anything to do with the ear infections.
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replied March 11th, 2009
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Have you been checked for yeast? It is very possible that the sore in your nose is yeast related and it could be the same for your ear.
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