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Recurring intermittent diahorrea, change in stool, possible IBS?

I am 31, and moved from the UK to Asia 6 months ago. Initially I experienced constipation due to the change in environment/foods, but that passed. Had a bout of Travellers Diahorrea lasted about 5 days several months ago. Otherwise, stool was generally normal, in that it's fairly solid, bar one strange instance of mid-day cramping/diahorrea that I wrote off as a one-off.

6 weeks ago I had an extreme, prolonged period of anxiety and stress that also affected my sleep quality. It was a fairly traumatic time. Around the same time (or shortly thereafter) I noticed a change in stool consistency, from solid to a toothpaste-like texture, fairly light brown (which I read was meant to be healthy... but I still couldn't understand the change.)

The amount I need to go to the toilet seems to have decreased. Even though I try to go daily, I don't seem to pass as much volume as I'm used to. On average, I have noticed the bouts of diahorrea seem to be increasing in frequency. Normal consistency is pasty, but there was one occasion where I was literally running for the toilet where I passed almost pure water, very violently.

The diahorrea instances began maybe 8 - 10 days apart, now they seem to be 5 - 6 days.

The best way to describe it is I don't feel as though I'm passing enough stool daily, and there's a build up of unreleased material. When the cramping comes, that's when it's ready to clear out, and is usually a large volume and fairly violent release. As with when I had traveller's diahorrea, it's usually specked with black dots (a bit like pepper, but slightly larger) although at the time the doctor didn't identify any blood back then, as far as I know.

The weather is also becoming extremely hot now, up to 35 degrees and rising, and I initially considered the food to be a contributing factor (possible bacteria's I'm not used to.) However, I was eating the same food fine when I arrived 6 months ago, so I'm not sure why the diet would suddenly affect me this way now.

I've never has a prolonged change in consistency of stool, or intermittent diahorrea on such a regular basis. However, I have always had a rather easy to irritate stomach. Even in the UK (all my life really) I have had occasional constipation, irritation and cramps in the gut - but nothing with this kind of long-term change or regularity. I don't know if I've always had underlying IBS symptoms, thinking about it, it's perfectly possible, but I don't know if what I have now is IBS or something else.

Thank you for your help and advice!
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replied June 28th, 2013
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Hello! I hope you are feeling better! You may want to check out our Health Center on IBS and see if there is any information there that could help.

You may also want to scan the forum for other threads about IBS. Sometimes other's experiences can be helpful too! I wish you the best!!
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