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Recurring annoying bumps on front part of soft palate

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For the past couple of months, I've been getting these annoying little bumps on my soft palate just behind my hard palate. They always occur in the same place and they always occur while I'm eating (I notice them once I'm done eating). They give me a feeling that something is stuck in the front of my throat, then I can feel them with my tounge. I can reach in with my finger and scratch them off (or is more like a blister that I'm popping? not sure..) with my fingernail, sometimes easier than others. A few times I've let them go, trying to see if it'll go away without scratching it off, but it ends up getting bigger and too annoying so I scratch it off anyway. When I first noticed them, it would happen maybe once a week. Now its happening almost every day. I just got my teeth cleaned and asked my dentist to look at the area, but he didn't see anything (I had just scratched one off the day before). Also, I managed to take a picture a few days ago after letting one build up for a couple of days, but I don't see how to post a picture, so let me know and I can send it or post it if helpful.

What should I do? Any ideas what this is?
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