Right about the time I started to explore these issues with my doctor, I lost my insurance, so I know just enough to know there''s a problem, but not enough to know what it is.
To preface, I''m 21, female, and do have bad allergies and asthma. The asthma stays under control most of the time (just rescue inhaler and nebulizer as needed), but nothing helps with allergies (coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose all the time, frequent break outs, and redness/swelling of hands).
I''ve had recurrent ear infections for apparantely most of my life (although, they only figured that out in the last year, I thought it was normal growing up). I get ear infections that can last from 3 days to 2 weeks, at least once or twice a month. Sometimes they go away on their own (when they only last for a few days). When they last for more than a week or get really painful, I take Cephalexin for a week. Initially I used ear drops, which I now only use when my ears are really painful (I don''t want them to lose potency).
It''s always in both ears, sometimes I have searing pain on and off in one or alternating ears, but usually it''s more of a dull ache and I don''t hear very well compared to most people around me (I''m far from deaf, but need the tv louder than everyone else to hear what they''re saying).
My doctor said that I have grey matter (scaring I believe?) building up in my ears from the constant infections which would eventually cause me to go deaf and has probably already caused some hearing loss.
I also have a constant, dull ringing in both ears, that sometimes gets loud enough to effect hearing other things.
She sent me to a specialist, but they were completely clueless (horribly overschedule, nurses doing doctors jobs, 20 year old equipment, etc.) and basically dismissed me, so I never went back to them, and before I could get a referral to another specialist, I started having more pressing issues, then no insurance.
I also have frequent nosebleeds, they can last up to half an hour of pretty heavy bleeding, then I can feel and taste it reverse and bleed down my throat (sometimes I cough up blood when it''s really bad), which will usually last for 3-12 hours. This happens anywhere from once or twice a day, to once every week or two, but there''s almost always some blood when I blow my nose.
I noticed today (I''ve been going on virtually no sleep for 3 weeks, so I may just be coherent enough to have noticed today) that one side of my nose felt clogged and there was some pressure there, so after blowing my nose and it didn''t help (just a little blood), I decided to see what I could feel. With my little finger, I can feel a soft lump/mass? It''s stationary, but after messing with it a little bit, there was a little more bleeding and the pressure intensified and added in a dull throbbing.
And, just to add in one more potentially related thing. My lymph nodes on my neck, one is almost twice the size as the other (same side that the new growth is on), and frequently swells up a bit more and is sore.
All of these symptoms seem to be getting worse as I get older.
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replied May 7th, 2010
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I would say to go to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist...You need tests done and they are the only ones that can give you an honest answer...Take care...

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