I am a 27-year old male and have been experiencing recurrent UTIs for the past 3 - 4 years, at least once a month or even twice.

I have an underlying issue where I have an issue with bladder-voiding, and I have to do 4 - 6 cathethers per day (intermittent - CISC). When I was younger (0 - 3 years), due to this I was having kidney hydronephrosis, which resulted in both my kidneys being grossly enlarged permanently. Based on ultrasounds, this enlargement has relatively stopped since I've been doing CISC.

Everything was relatively OK apart from the cathethers, but for the past 3 - 4 years I've been having a LOT of urinary tract infections. I know that cathethers can be a cause for UTIs, but I don't think at this frequency. I've went to a hospital to monitor my technique, and they told me that it is very good. I use alcohol hand rub for my hands prior to performing the catheterisation, and use chlorhexidine on a non-woven swab (Mesoft) to clean the tip of the penis / urethra. I also never touch the cathether with my hands anywhere which is going to be inserted, to make sure that I don't transfer any bacteria.

Recently, I had did a rigid cystoscopy around Nov 2012, and after this was done I experienced almost 9 months of being infection-free. I was also on phropylaxis - Augmentin 250mg (x1) daily. No one till know could explain why I didn't experience any infection after the cystoscopy. Co-incidentally, I had also done 2 other 'soft' cystoscopies some years ago and both were followed by 6 - 9 months of being infection free. No could find a link between them. Around 3 weeks ago, my first infection developed, and to make it even worse I did a urine-test and the bacteria came out to be a multi-drug resistant form of 'Klebsiella Pneumonia', called 'Klebisella Pneumonia Carbapenemase-producer'. This is resistant to all forms of antibiotics available locally in pharmacies and by doctors, and I was told that I need to be admitted to hospital for a week to give me hospital-grade antibiotics. This has made me worry a lot because I have no idea from where I could have caught this infection, let alone anything I could do to prevent it. I'm also worried with the amount of antibiotics I have to take, as I am afraid that this could be the cause of the multi-drug resitant bacteria.

Around 1 year and a half ago I had tried taking some probiotics for around 2 weeks, but nothing changes. I've also tried taking cranberry-powder pills on a daily basis, as well as in the past 5 days I've tried a high-concetrate syrup of cranberry, which you mix with 1 liter of water and drink during the day. I normally drink between 2.5 - 4 liters of water a day.

My main issues are:

- Some infections are relatively mild and I can live with them for quite some time - Would that cause permanent damage?
- Due to the amount of antibiotics - I am worried about increasing resistance in the future, like in this case. Is there anything I can do to reduce such resistance being increased, or possibly any non-antibiotic treatment for UTIs that actually work?

Any ideas, comments or help would be greatly appreciated!
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