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Recurrent ADHD possible?

I was diagnosed with extreme ADHD at the age of eight, serious enough to be hospitalised, and was on heavy medications (I'm not positive how much good they did) until into my adolescence, when, after discontinuing my medications and showing no 'symptoms' I was pronounced 'cured'.
However, symptoms seemed to show up on and off throughout my adolescence and with 'visions' that I have been reading up on, seeing things (such as fairies or more frightening visions) and disregarding rules more often, which sounded more like possible aftereffects of mild psychosis of ritalin dosages.
This had not happened, however, for over three years until recently I spun into one of these modes, sleeping 1-2 hours a night if at all and not being tired, not caring if I skipped University classes, hyperactive and unable to sit still or silent, scattered or almost crazy focused (interest dependent), etc. All the typical 'ADHD' behaviours noted in a more adult form to the extent that people, even casual friends, noted the changes.
After two weeks of feeling completely off the wire, unable to just 'settle down' I seem to be returning to a more normal state but my question is can ADHD be a recurrent issue? Could this have been stress related? If ADHD can be recurrent would the symptoms only exist on and off for small periods of time?
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replied April 23rd, 2010
Interestingly I went and spoke to a psychologist and she said that when I say ADHD and offer typical behaviours she thinks Bipolar disorder. I did some research and 60-80% of children diagnosed with ADHD go on to develop a different disorder or have comorbidity and the similarities between ADHD and Bipolar are quite close, apparently and one is often diagnosed as the other.
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