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Rectal pain and itching.

Hello everybody,
I need help figuring out what is causing my anal burning and itching.
A little bit about myself. I am mid twenties male. Heterosexual, married and only have sex with my wife. Overall healthy and don't have any issues except the anal pain, itching and burning that I had for about a year or so.

The burning and Itching seems to get worse if I drink even small amount of alcohol (glass of vine) or a cup of coffee and it happens almost instantly after I drink.

Went to a gastronenterologist and was told I have hemorrohids so I started taking fiber and miralax. And had two sessions of banding. After a few weeks problem restarted. I got a bit of blood on toilet paper and again itching and burning.

Now I have gone to colorectal surgeon. He told me I don't have any hemorrohids and have a fissure. He prescribed me Glicerin cream.

I still have the burning and itching everyday after bm and after drinking coffee or alcohol.

I feel like the very first half inch inside the rectum is inflamed and I get a very strong burning right after I put the cream with my finger inside the rectum it goes away in about 15 minute but I have discomfort for the rest of the day.

If anybody has any idea what could this be please help me. I have no faith in doctors anymore.
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replied October 29th, 2015
Red wine gives me anal itching. Sugar gives overall itching. Also Coffee and to a lesser extent Tea gives an overall itch. It's not the caffeine that causes the itch as I can eat unlimited chocolate with no problems and that has caffeine in it.
I switched to having Nettle Tea and that seems o.k.
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replied November 30th, 2015
I am obviously not an expert but I have experience dealing with hemroids (gave birth to my 3 daughters)
Okay..try natural remedies
1. Drink natural antibiotics (ginger, garlic, lemon, honey, mix with warm water ..u can also add acv) u can google about natural antibiotics too
2. Use garlic suppository..a peeled garlic clove, (i usually cut it in a smaller shape that is more aerodynamic? ) insert it before bed..lubricate with a bit of olive oil then it will go with your bm next day..
3. You can cut the garlic and ginger and add to your sitz bath too
4. Avoid otc meds that contains thins the skin so you can imagine how much further damage it can do there
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replied January 19th, 2016
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