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Recovery time after Coeliac diagnosis

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Following 3 months of severe anaemia (no other symptoms) I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease at the start of December and have been on a gluten free diet since then. I am still feeling very tired and not back to myself yet. I repeated blood tests at the start of January and they didn't show up as anaemic. The dietitian said that I should wait a few more weeks - that my body could have a virus as my defenses are low. But it doesn't feel like a virus - I just feel very tired all the time and it is starting to make me feel very low. I appreciate I am lucky not to have suffered other symptoms, but the fatigue is really stopping me from doing the things I want/need to do on a daily basis.

Has anyone had a similar experience? How long did it take everyone else to start feeling themselves again after diagnosis? Am I just being impatient? I don't want to admit to my friends, family and colleagues that I am still finding it hard, as they have supported me a lot through the last few months and I feel (and maybe they feel) that things should be getting better now.
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replied May 27th, 2009
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When I was told that my son had coeliac disease, the doctor said it would take about six months before he became fully well. It can even take a bit longer for older people. As this post is quite old, hopefully you are feeling a lot better already.
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replied May 19th, 2010
It sounds to me that you should go to another doctor. As you doctor may have found that you have celiac disease, you may also have another autoimmune disease. I would suggest that you get your thyroid levels checked.
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