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Recovery from tib/fib fracture

I am a 44 year old CrossFit athlete. About 11 months ago I had a tib/fib fracture(Displaced Oblique Fracture on each) that ended up with an intramendullary nail in my Tibia. My recovery was great and i felt that I received the best medical attention that I could have under the situation. So my question for the community is that in post recovery, i.e.about a year later, should i still be cautious of stress fractures or creating arthritic injuries? Certain movements and lifts cause dull pains, particularly the day after, not sure if i should just power through these or take time off? Is there a form of PT that anyone has used to help? I'm not really sure if the pain is from pressure and stress on the bones or from the scar tissues associated with the surgery and the fracture. It seems like this is the place in recovery that it is hard to find anything out about and i was just hoping that someone had some useful info that they would be willing to share.
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