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Recovery complication after cyst removal on toe

I recently had surgery to remove a cyst from what would be considered the index toe on my left foot. The surgery also required removal of some of the joint. So my podiatrist who performed the surgery told me i would be able to apply ligh pressure on the foot while walking to the restroom and such provided i wear the boot they gave me to be able to get around in. So while walking in the boot a few days after the surgery i felt something in my toe pop and it was very painful. My toe is now swollen and i feel that same pressure i felt right before it popped on my toe anytime light pressure is applied to it. A week later and i am now feeling some nerve related things in my toe and all the way up my leg. I told my doctor about the pop and the things that came afterwards and he said its normal and that it was just the stitches coming apart but it felt like it was bone or joint related. Can there be damage done to my toe after the surgery from light walking as my doctor suggested I should've been able to do without a problem and can there also be long term nerve damage involved? Any response would be greatly appreciated.
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