Hello to everybody,
I am Dario 33 years old, 24 days ago I fell in descend riding my bike and got a compound fracture of distal radius and ulna.
After three days I have had a surgery, the surgeons fix my broken wrist setting up on it the titanium plates (ORIF) and splinting my wrist. After 2 weeks I replaced the cast with a support.
At the beginning I can only open and close the hand feeling more pain but now, after 3 weeks, I have improved and, for example, I can bring object and rotate a few the forearm with no pain at all, but I have zero grade of flexiblity in the wrist,
though when I take off the support I can't do nothing, I am very stuck and scared.
I wanted to ask if can I already do any exercise (like to try to bend the wrist or rotate the forearm)or it's too early and it's better to wait the rx that I will have on 13 july?
Is it normal that without support I can't do anything after three weeks from surgery?
How long does it take for complete recovery?

P.S. English is not my first language

Thanks in advance
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