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Recovering from non-bacterial epididymitis, problems.

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I recently got off my Bactrim treatment about 7 days ago for my trauma-induced non-bacterial epididymitis. I had some terrible pain in the testicle that I thought was unaffected, the day after I finished my prescription. It was gone in the morning and I thought nothing of it, recently I've noticed I have zero sex drive now, during the epididymitis my sex drive was normal, but now. I have no urges and my penis feels less sensitive, and when I ejaculate it's just a small amount of clear fluid. does anyone know what
happened? is it possible that epididymitis caused hypogonadism? if so, is a week long enough to notice? really stressed out and worried I have become infertile.
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replied March 4th, 2015
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I'm no Dr. but when testicles are damaged severely enough the testosterone levels in a man can fall to low levels quickly, even within hours if removed completely. I'd go see a Dr. right away and get it checked out. maybe ask for a test of your testosterone levels in blood and a quick look at your sperm sample to check if sperm are present under a microscope to ease your mind. Its more likely your body is just sore and still recovering from the trauma. But since your sex drive was normal when healing, it is a worry so get it checked out now. Just say you need follow up care from your testicular injury and check on the things worrying you. Good Luck.
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