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Recovering from Lisfranc fracture and surgery

I broke my foot around mid November and had surgery to fix it at the end of November. Recovery had been going really well but I had a couple of incidents last week (3 weeks post op) one where I lost my balance briefly and stepped on my injured foot for a second and the other where my daughter leaned on my foot without the boot on. After both times I emailed my doctor but since my foot felt fine the next day he wasn’t concerned. Well Saturday morning I had a big stretch that ended up going down to my foot. Stretching my foot was extremely painful and since then I’ve been having pain on and off and it’s really concerning me. I’m waiting to hear back from my dr but since it’s Christmas I don’t know when I’ll hear back and get to have another X-ray to check on my foot. How much damage can stretching do? Is it possible I shifted the screws in my foot? I’m just looking for some reassurance. This recovery hasn’t been easy for me and this relapse has me thinking about the worst possible scenarios and is making me depressed all over again. Any advice will be appreciated.
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