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Recovering alcoholic married to an alcoholic

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Dont know why i have decided to post on here,but im in a dark place in my marriage.I have been sober for 20 months.My husband has had a drinking problem all of his adult life,but refuses to get help.I quit because i became ill and at times im thankful i got sick,but to this day the doctors cant figure out what is wrong.My husband is also addicted to gambling.Just recently,instead of paying our power bill he went drinking and gambling.I had to pawn my wedding rings to put money in our account to cover the check and for some reason he just sold his ring,not to put food on the table or pay a bill,but he went out drinking.I am blaming myself,thinking he must not be happy with me.I know our finaicail problems have put a big wedge between us,but he keeps making it worse..Im not perfect at all,but im not putting us in the situations that he keeps putting us in..If anyone has any ideas on what i can or should do,i would be thankful for the advice.Please excuse my
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replied November 17th, 2011
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My wife and I are both recovering Alcoholics. Try going to a 12 step help program, such as AA. You can also try Alynon. Lots of people there who share the same problems as you and can help you cope with it and get into the solution.
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