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Recovering Alcoholic and Anxiety

I had major anxiety. Where I panic about something that nothing that needs to be worried about sometimes I will cry if friend leaves. I pace around my mind races I just need something to calm me down. I try to explain this to a doctor that though I am trying to recover from drinking this anxiety makes me wants to drink to calm down (though I know my anxiety is just worse the next day)
well the joy of being a recovering alcoholic is the dr of course does not want to give you any thing that works. Well at least for me I tried valerian root and some other things I dont recall. My dr suggested I see a pshcytrist and she gave me clonazepam. I cant tell if if really works all that well for me. I guess it works somewhat but whem it is really bad it does not put a dent in me.
What works without knocking you out?
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replied July 18th, 2012
anxiety in alcoholics
I know this was posted a long tim ago. But i am a recovering alcoholic. In eaely sobriety a dr gave me xanax (only 5 for a month) i did ok witj that but after only one month i learned i was pregnant. What has helped me immensly is al coholics anonymous. I have been sober close to two years now and as long as i keep dping what i should be ( as outlined in the aa program ) anxiety is no lo ger a problem for me.
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replied July 27th, 2017
Anxiety and depression are bad, really bad. it takes quite a long time to recover from these. My one friend had a acute depression and he had committed suicide for that. But, I think ending life is not a good solution. You can perhaps take help of medical marijuana, several results have shown that consuming medical marijuana can reduce anxiety and depression.Marijuana is not a addictive drug, it can cure several problems.
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