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recourring nose bleeds, even after cauterization

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For almost 3 weeks I have been having the worst nose bleeds of my life from the posterior region of my left nose. 'Lots' of blood, pinching my nose it backs up and comes out my throat, even tried to leak out of my left eye lid a couple times. It absolutely terrified me just based on the amount of blood which, I know now, wasn't really a dangerous amount, but after 1.5 weeks of this my blood count was down in the 9's.
I am 44 yrs old. Have been to ERE and they recommended I go to the ENT clinic, and have been cauterized a couple times on the posterior region deep inside my left nose. The first time cauterizing was with silver nitrate while I was bleeding at the ENT clinic. They saw it - they cauterizated it - 100% stopped the bleeding. However, I continued to bleed on average once daily each of the next days, and soon after I called the ENT doc while on the way to the ER. While there the doc admitted me to the OR where they used heat cauterization. That was almost 2 weeks ago, and I have bleed almost every day average since, nearly the same.
I do not have blood disorders, am in good health tho with high cholesterol, and live in Colorado Springs, CO. It is dry, and cool here. I am also a mechanic by hobby, and do a lot of metal working (welding, grinding etc).
I understand that cauterization causes a big ole nasty wound, which takes time to heal. I get that fully. My question is...why do I continue to bleed? the last few days my wife and I thought we were doing well because the bleeding was much less, until today when it seemed to open up again. I am just trying to understand why I continue to bleed, even if small amounts, after cauterization.
Plus, ...why did it start in the first place?
- Sam
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replied October 21st, 2016
just had cauterization done a couple of days ago and i bled again today. i don't understand it and it's really frustrating
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