I thought we could share some of our recipes that have worked for us.
I will start and hopefully others will have some recipes for meals or snacks or maybe even recipes for what you eat to raise your sugar up when it's low.

Tuna Greek salad
-2 cans of tuna fish
-Feta cheese
-1-2 cucumbers
-1-2 red peppers
-some halved cherry tomatoes
-sprinkle lemon juice
-salt to taste
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replied February 14th, 2009
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Mmmm, sounds good! Here's a favorite of mine.

An amount of chicken (0.5-1.5 pounds)
cut it up
put it in water and set to boil
once it starts to boil and the chicken is white, remove from the water
heat up pan with some healthy cooking oil in it
start to fry chicken in it with paprika, a little black pepper, a little cayenne (if you can take it), sea salt and any other spices you like
cook for a short while, cut open a piece here and there to check if done
sprinkle organic shredded cheese over it
eat with fresh, steamed asparagus!
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