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recent heart attack and catherization findings

i am 33 yrs old and recently had a heart attack. i was wondering if anyone could explain what this stuff in my discharge report means:

LIMA to LAD is immature.
left circumflex is 40% in the midsection.
left ventricular ejection fracton is 50% with mild to moderate elevation of the RVSP at 53 mmHg.
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replied March 21st, 2013
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LIMA to LAD is immature: Left Internal Mammary Artery to Left Anterior Descending Artery, the artery supplying the LAD is not as big as would normally be expected.

The left circumflex is one of the main arteries of the heart, which shows a 40% occlusion.

Left ventricular ejection fraction is the amount of blood pumped out of the left side of the heart when it beats. Normal ejection fraction is around 55-70%. So, an ejection fraction of 50% is a tad bit low, but not terrible.

The RVSP is the right ventricular systolic pressure, or the pressure in the right side of the heart. When there is some elevation of this pressure, it can be from several sources, but one is pulmonary hypertension (increased resistance in the lungs).

You need to discuss the results of your study with your cardiologist.

Good luck.
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