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receiving Synvisc injections for 4 - 5 years, but now?!

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I have been receiving Synvisc injections (both knees) for 4 - 5 years with great success. Last year the injections were much more painful, took longer to recover, but lasted nearly a full year.

This is the YEAR FROM HELL. My first injection was Friday,
4/13 and was very painful. My usual Dr. was going to be out of the office for the second one, this past Friday and I told my husband I didn't believe he'd give me the injections since the site was still blue and raised, had water on the knee and was still very uncomfortable and immobile from the previous week.

Unfortunately, he did admiister the shots. I went directly home, iced my knees down and elevated my legs, and had to stay immobile since my knees would not straighten up. During the night on two separate occasions, I had to scream for my husband to straighten my legs since they had bent double and I could not straighten them. This was extreme punishment!!! Worse than having a baby. He forced them straight and we applied compression bandages. Later, while awake, this phenomenen bagan to happen again and I was able to stop it by flexing and pointing my toes and heels. I could not get out of bed alone (had crutches next to bed but was frightened to use them unassisted) had extreme difficulty using the toilet (knees wouldn't bend or straighten) and suffered a day and night that was excruciating. Today, Sunday, I still cannot walk unassisted, knees won't work or support my body unless they are bent, awoke with loose stools (final insult) upset stomach and needless to say, a very sad attitude. Also alternated between sweating & chilling.

Has the formulary for this drug been changed or am I developing an allergy to it. I am not allergic to eggs or
feathers, and truly loved the effects of Synvisc and don't want to give them up unnecessarly. My Dr. was out of town
this week-end and we've not discussed this yet -- we did, however, discuss last years' reaction.

I'm scheduled for my third injection this Friday and am pretty certain I should skip it. Pls let me know if you've had similar problems and how to deal w/it, if at all possible.

Thank you,
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