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Received Disability Update Report..nervous?should I be?

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I was approved back in 2/05 for SSD. This is my FIRST review and not even a review as it's an "update report" w/6 questions. I hv had so much happen over the years and not for the better, hence my depression is at a heightened state of "bad." Although I see my regular M.D. monthly, due to an auto accid, chronic pain, he and she also prescribe my depression/anxiety meds since my Neuro Psych Group just up and disappeared. I have lost 5 psych drs over last years and from this group alone(which will not name now),3 left. Literally up and left and let me go to an appt. sched to be told they left. The last one left in June 08?I lost ALL my records(I was adimant about record keeping)in a bad flood in my apt-all my ppwork got soaked and ruined and have NO records now as to how I followed up. I can't contact, there's no record of what happened except the lead dr. lost his license and now it makes sense as to why these PA's up and left when they did-he lost in 11/09 on record(found online),but they prob knew well before as court dates take 2yrs or so. My problem is, that my doc then, encouraged me to go to school for a "hobby" type thing to help keep my mind busy but little stress. I went to hair scool and although a "hobby" b/c wsn't going for a career-this questionaire asks if you attended SCHOOL-and hobby doesn't count, but on record(federal)w/grants and loans, it's on record. IDK how to answer this question as I understand it's computer generated and only certain answers will raise flag for review. I finished in March finally w/my boards and passed on a prayer and sorry but beauty schoool WILL pass you.ANY SUGGESTIONS?
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replied June 23rd, 2011
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if u can pass beauty school this is good and u should try to build a life without being obsessed by your problems.
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